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Pixel Technologies

This was the little game company formed by two members of the Mac team at Lotus. The company did varied contract work, including the Windows port of Western Technologies’ Trivial Pursuit (Yes, they really did think it was a good idea to call it an “interactive multimedia game”; what can I say, it was the 90s).

I also got to work on a very early version of the 3DO development kit. It was my first time working on a console development kit, cross-compiling C++ to run on the tiny 16 MHz ARM processor on that machine. I can’t say that we produced anything really great, but I did write the graphics engine for what is arguably one of the weirdest games in existence, Cyberdillo.

I wasn’t still with the company when they recorded this video that adorns the end of the game, but I knew everyone in it well. Believe it or not I can completely imagine the process that led to this getting made!